nora ricci




5/2/17    Green Iguana, Westshore, Tampa 6pm

5/4/17    Brown Boxer, Madeira Beach 5pm

5/5/17    PRIVATE, Tampa, Wedding

5/6/17    PRIVATE, Tampa, Party 3pm

5/6/17   Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Tampa, 8pm

5/7/17   Shrimpfest, Alley Cat, Fernandina Beach, 2pm

5/8/17   Hula Bay, Tampa, 6p 

5/12/17 Surfside Tap House, Clearwater, 4:30pm

5/13/17 Charlie's Pub, Kissimmee, 8pm

5/15/17 Winter Park Rehab, Winter Park, 5pm

5/16/17 Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa, 6pm

5/18/17 Brown Boxer, Maderia Beach, 5pm

5/19/17 PRIVATE, Wedding Rehearsal, Winter Park

5/20/17 PRIVATE, Wedding, Winter Park, 5pm

5/22/17 Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

5/25/17 Charlie's Pub, Kissimmee, 7pm

5/28/17 PRIVATE, Suwannee Valley Resort

5/29/17 PRIVATE, Suwannee Valley Resort

5/30/17 Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa, 6pm

6/1/17   Brown Boxer, Madeira Beach, 7pm

6/3/17   Charlie's Pub, Kissimmee 8:30pm

6/4/17   Wolfy's, Sanford 2pm

6/5/17   Hula Bay, Tampa 6pm

6/6/17   Slyce, Madeira Beach 5pm

6/9/17   The Honu, Dunedin 6pm

6/10/17 Gator's Riverside Grill, Sanford 4pm

​6/12/17 Winter Park Rehab, Winter Park 5pm

6/13/17 Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa 6pm

6/15/17 Brown Boxer, Madeira Beach, 7pm

​6/16/17 PRIVATE, Suwannee Valley Resort

6/17/17 PRIVATE, Suwannee Valley Resort

6/19/17 Hula Bay, Tampa 6pm

6/21/17 O'Brien's, Brandon, 7pm

6/22/17 Charlie's Pub, Kissimmee 7:30pm

6/24/17 Big Storm Brewing, Odessa, 7pm

6/27/17 Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa 6pm

7/1/17   PRIVATE, Lake Cuomo 8:30pm

​7/2/17   Green Iguana, Westshore, Tampa, 5:30pm

7/3/17   Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

7/6/17   Brown Boxer, Madeira Beach, 7pm

7/7/17   The Honu, Dunedin, 6pm

7/8/17   Charlie's Pub, Kissimmee 8:30pm

7/10/17  Winter Park Rehab, Winter Park 5pm

7/11/17  Green Iguana, Westshore, Tampa 6pm

7/13/17  Charley's Pub, Kissimmee, 7:30pm

7/14/17 PRIVATE, Suwannee Valley Resort

​7/15/17 PRIVATE, Suwannee Valley Resort

7/17/17 Hula Bay, Tampa 6pm

7/19/17 Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

7/20/17 Charlie's Pub, Kissimmee 7:30pm

7/22/17 Boathouse Channelside, Tampa 1pm

7/25/17 Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa 6pm

​7/28/17 The Sandpearl Resort, Clearwater 6pm

​7/29/17 Boathouse Channelside, Tampa 1pm

8/3/17   Charley's Pub, Kissimmee 7:30pm

8/5/17   Wolfy's, Sanford, 1:30pm

8/6/17   Muldoon's Saloon, Winter Park 4pm

8/7/17   Winter Park Rehabilitation, 5pm

8/8/17   Green Iguana, Westshore, Tampa 6pm

8/10/17 Brown Boxer, Madeira Beach, 7pm

8/12/17  Private, Lake Cuomo, 8pm

8/14/17  Hula Bay, Tampa 6pm

8/19/17  Charley's Pub, Kissimmee, 8:30pm

8/22/17  Green Iguana, Westshore, Tampa 6pm

8/23/17  O'Brien's Pub, Brandon, 7pm

8/24/17  Brown Boxer, Madeira Beach, 7pm

8/25/17  The Honu, Dunedin, 6pm

8/26/17  Big Storm Brewing, Odessa, 7pm

8/28/17  Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

9/2/17    Charley's Pub, Kissimmee 8:30pm

9/5/17    Green Iguana, Westshore, Tampa 6pm

9/7/17    Boathouse, Channelside, Tampa 5pm

9/8/17    Suwannee Valley Resort, Private, 8pm

9/9/17    Private, Kissimmee, 3:30pm

9/10/17  Private, CO

9/11/17  Private, CO

9/12/17  Private, CO

9/13/17  Private, CO

9/14/17  Private, CO

9/15/17  Private, CO

9/16/17  Private, CO

9/17/17  Private, CO

9/19/17  Green Iguana, Westshore, Tampa 6pm

9/20/17  O'Brien's Pub, Brandon, 7pm

9/21/17  Brown Boxer, Madeira Beach, 7pm

9/22/17  Wolfy's, Sanford 4pm

9/23/17  Boathouse, Channelside, Tampa, 1pm

9/25/17  Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

9/28/17  Charley's Pub, Kissimmee 7:30pm

9/29/17  The Honu, Dunedin, 5pm

​9/30/17  Boathouse, Channelside, Tampa 6pm

10/1/17  Muldoon's Saloon, Winter Park,  4pm

10/3/17  Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa, 6pm

10/6/17  The Honu, Dunedin, 6pm

10/7/17  The Boathouse, Tampa, 1pm

10/9/17  Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

10/12/17 Charley's Pub, Kissimmee, 7:30pm

10/13/17 Private, Tampa

10/14/17 Private, Lake Como

10/17/17 Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa, 6pm

10/20/17 Private, White Springs

10/21/17 Private, White Springs

10/23/17 Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

10/25/17 Private, Tampa

10/26/17 Charley's Pub, Kissimmee, 7:30pm

10/27/17 Gator's Riverside Grill, Sanford 5pm

10/28/17 The Hyatt, St. Petersburg, 9pm

10/29/17 Muldoon's Saloon, Winter Park 4pm

10/31/17 Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa 6pm

11/4/17   Splitsville, Tampa, 4pm

11/6/17   Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

11/8/17   O'Brien's Pub, Brandon, 7pm

11/9/17   Charley's Pub, Kissimmee, 7:30pm

11/10/17  Private Tampa

11/11/17  Davidson's Dockside Restaurant, Tarpon Springs, 11am

11/11/17  Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Tampa, 8pm

11/12/17  Benefit for Puerto Rico, Wolfy's, Sanford, 1pm

11/14/17  Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa, 6pm

11/17/17  Private, White Springs

11/18/17  Private, White Springs

11/20/17  Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

11/22/17  Private, Lake Como

11/24/17  Gator's Riverside Grill, Sanford, 5pm

11/25/17  Charley's Pub, Kissimmee, 8:30pm

11/28/17  Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa 6pm

12/1/17   Private, White Springs

12/2/17   Private, White Springs

12/4/17   Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

12/6/17   Private, Lake Como

12/7/17   Charley's Pub, Kissimmee, 7:30pm

12/8/17   Private, Tampa

12/9/17   Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Tampa, 8pm

12/10/17 Gator's Riverside Grill, Sanford, 2pm

12/12/17 Private, Indiana

12/13/17 Private, Indiana

12/14/17 Private, Indiana

12/15/17 Private, Indiana

12/16/17 Private, Indiana

12/17/17 Private, Indiana

12/18/17 Hula Bay, Tampa, 6pm

12/20/17 O'Brien's, Brandon, 7pm

12/22/17 The Honu, Dunedin, 6pm

12/23/17 Splitsville, Tampa, 4pm

12/26/17 Green Iguana Westshore, Tampa, 6pm

12/28/17 Charley's Pub, Kissimmee, 7:30pm

12/29/17 Wolfy's, Sanford, 4pm

12/30/17 Splitsville, Tampa, 4pm